Past Projects

Kate's live shows have been featured in the New York Times, Brokelyn, The Skint, and The Brooklyn Paper, and these are a few of her favorites! She's also loving this third person thing. She may or may not make a habit out of it.


Bitch Carols

Bitch Carols was a project born of frustration with the current state of affairs. Kate Villa and Lisa Mongillo released a parody, NSFW album (you can contact me and buy a download of it!) focused around holiday songs and women's health. It was featured on THINX Holiday Gift guide, the (very cool and funny) podcast "Guys we F*cked," and was turned into a full cabaret, music directed by the wonderful Emma Weiss, at Feinstein's 54 Below. All of the proceeds from both the album and the cabaret went directly to women-focused organizations. 

Every President Ever: Together Again

50 comedians performed characters based on the real, researched quirks of all the U.S. Presidents in a presidents day celebration that will not soon be forgotten. It was hosted by Marilyn Monroe (Molly Ruben-Long), Betsy Ross (Christine Nangle), and Amelia Earhart (Alexandria Iona). Produced by Kate Villa (who also played Teddy Roosevelt and Jackie Kennedy) alongside Alexandria Iona, the show went up at Littlefield, raised $138 for Everytown for Gun Safety in ONE MINUTE (literally, we timed it), and was featured in the skint, Brokelyn, Brooklyn Based, Best New York Comedy, Thought Gallery,  and Brooklyn Paper. 

Mark Bracamonte

Mark Bracamonte


Conflicted: The Greatest Fights In History

Conflicted ran for 8 months at Caveat with a new hourlong scripted show each month. It highlighted rivalries and gossip to attacks and blood feuds, and was the comedy show that gave you the inside scoop on what (probably) happened during history’s greatest fights. Kate and her writing partner/co-host covered everything from The Great Emu War to The Hundred Years' War (which didn't last 100 years - spoiler.) and interviewed incredible comedians from the New Yorker, Fallon, Comedy Central and beyond, who played characters of those who fought/were part of the wars so we could hear what was going on from their perspective. 

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Pretty Grimm: A Fundraiser For The Florence Project

Over 30 comedians and musical acts performed fractured fairytales to benefit The Florence Project, hosted by The Brother's Grimm, who had decided to appeal to a younger audience by creating an audiobook, and when that didn't work: A podcast. The show was listed and featured in The Skint, The NYCWomensMarch, BrooklynVegan, and BrooklynDaily